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About this course

  • $200.00
  • How children disclose abuse
  • What disclosure may look like
  • What to do when abuse is suspected


Samantha Gamble


Samantha researches crimes against children and has extensive experience with digital investigations. She previously led a talented team of investigators at a nonprofit dedicated to identifying online child predators. She has presented at industry events, including DEFCON, DerbyCon, Layer8, Beyond Awareness: Anti-Trafficking Conference, The International Internet Crimes Against Children Conference, and the National Child Protection Task Force Conference. She has taught research tactics, online safety, and predatory behavior identification to domestic and international law enforcement agencies. In addition to industry events, Samantha holds a seat as an active board member of the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Coalition. This nonprofit organization raises awareness about online safety while also raising funds for the Internet Crimes Against Children’s Task Force.

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